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In 1909, the magnificent historical yacht “Hispania”, of the international 15-metre class,  – designed by the famous Scottish naval architect William Fife III at the behest of Don Alfonso XIII – was launched in the town of Pasajes (Guipúzcoa)

She was built in the now sadly disappeared Karppard shipyard in Pasajes.

Thanks to numerous testimonies we have been able to ascertain that the “Hispania” won numerous national and international trophies by the regal hand of her owner, and was considered one of the best sailing boats of her class, making her a compulsory point of reference in books and journals published in any language on the history on European yachting,

The Foundation requested that the “Hispania” be added to the Cultural Heritage List (BIC), which was granted by the Government of Mallorca, given that the boat met all the necessary requisites for its inclusion: ownership by a relevant public figure and public use (Don Alfonso XIII), unique design (William Fife III),  since she was one of the series built in Spain (Astilleros Karrpard – Pasajes), and an outstanding international competition record, which we seek to continue, under a Spanish flag.

At present, and while restoration work goes on, we have begun talks with universities, officially recognised graduate nautical schools, national and international business schools and, in general, organisations, institutions, clubs and associations with links with the Sea and Palma City Council to sign collaboration agreements for the training of seamen/women – regatta sailors to form her future crew in order to compete in regattas, sailing exhibitions, challenges, etc.

We wanted the most important jobs to be done in Mallorca in order to project the business and workmanship expertise of the Balearic Islands in these types of boats, whose sector is dynamic and in expansion, on an international level.

Therefore, we entrusted the direction and execution of the restoration work to Astilleros de Mallorca, S.A., in Palma, so that it may take advantage of this commission to consolidate our hand-built boat industry. Prestigious projects like the “Hispania” are needed to gain an international reputation.

For its geostrategic location and renowned regattas, Mallorca deserves to be placed on the map in terms of quality services of this nature, so closely tied to its renowned tourist sector.

EL Hispania